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Riverwalk Vintage Market is pleased to offer a select group of special items online that are currently located offsite. If you find interest in one of these items, you can follow these steps for a personal showing…

  1. Note the Item Number and the Vendor Number
  2. Call the store at 715-441-1273.
  3. Tell the clerk who answers the phone you are interested in online item number XX offered by vendor number XX.
  4. Leave your name and telephone number.

The sales clerk on duty will take your information and alert the vendor who will contact you within two business days to discuss the item and to arrange a special viewing

Thanks for your continued interest in Riverwalk Vintage Market and the products we sell.

Item #1, Vendor #2 – tall, blue 5-drawer dresser

Painted in Fusion ‘Liberty Blue & Midnight Blue’ and finished with clear wax, the 5-drawer dresser is priced at $80.  52″H x 32″W x 20D”.

Item #2, Vendor #2 – short, blue 4-drawer dresser

Painted to match its 5-drawer partner, this item features a pull-out writing table and is priced at $60.  29″H x 30″W x 16 1/2″D.

Both dressers can be purchased as a set for $130.

Item #3, Vendor #2 – desk

The top of this beautiful desk is refinished with a clear polyurethane.  It is painted in Fusion ‘Homestead’ with a clear wax and new pumpkin-shaped hardware.  The desk features two drawers and is priced at $120.  39″W x 30″H x 20″D.


Item #4, Vendor #2 – vanity with stool

Vanity is painted in Fusion’s ‘Divine Lavender’ and the drawer is painted in Fusion’s ‘Twilight Geranium,’ and is sealed with Tough Coat.  35″W x 30″H x 18″D.

The stool is freshly recovered and painted in ‘Divine Lavender’ and sealed in Tough Coat as well.  20″W x 17″H x 13″D.

The set is offered at $65.

Item #5, Vendor #2 – Side Tables

The table on the right is finished in Fusion ‘Twilight Geranium, and the top is stained in Fusion’s ‘Driftwood Satin’ finishing oil and sealed with dark wax.  Priced at $30, it measures 19″W x 28″H x 15″D.

The white coffee table is painted with Fusion paint, distressed and sealed with Clear Wax and priced at $45.  35″W x 15″H x 17″D.

The vintage side table on the left is freshly refinished and priced at $75.  22″W x 29″H.

Item #6, Vendor #2 – Wicker Vanity Set

This freshly painted set includes vanity, bench, wastebasket, and an additional mirror.  It is available at $60 for the set.  Vanity measures 29″W x 53″H x 17 1/2″D

Item #7, Vendor #46 – Cupboard

This vintage cupboard will make an attractive and useful addition to anyone’s kitchen.  It features three sturdy shelves and is priced at $65.  Cupboard measures 58 1/2″H x 33″W x 22″D.


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