‘F’ Is for Fireplace

‘F’ is for Fireplace

The fireplace as we know it began to evolve in the 12th century with the invention of chimneys. The fireplace was originally a necessity, the focal point of the house that provided heat and a means of cooking and baking. The central mass of stone or brick retained heat to keep the house warmer. The fireplace sat as the heart of family gatherings. In many homes, it still does, but its purpose is no longer one of necessity but one of creating a comfortable and relaxed environment within the walls of a home.

“My wife and I had called on Miss Stein, and she and the friend who lived with her had been very cordial and friendly and we had loved the big studio with the great paintings. It was like one of the best rooms in the finest museum except there was a big fireplace and it was warm and comfortable and they gave you good things to eat and tea and natural distilled liqueurs made from purple plums, yellow plums or wild raspberries.”

Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast: The Restored Edition

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