The Juice Is Loose

The juice is on the loose, and we’re not talking about OJ, O.J. or that ‘Family Guy’ episode from a decade ago. No, ma’am. We’re talking about a pre-1950 vintage Streamline Super Juicer that has found its way into our store and waits for your discovery to win this week’s WWcD $10 gift certificate. Complete with the Good Housekeeping Institute approval serial 3297 – that’s one hint – this juicer was patented in September 1938 by the National Die Casting Company in Chicago. Our final clue is this picture, a slice of the original patent.

The search begins Wednesday morning, August 28 when the shop opens and concludes at the close of business on Sunday, September 1 or when someone finds it, whichever occurs first.

To win, you must follow these instructions EXPLICITLY…

  • Find the Streamline Super Juicer in our shop at 121 S. Main St. in River Falls, Wisconsin.
  • Proceed to the front desk and tell the associate on duty,


  • Lead the sales associate to the location to confirm your discovery.

With all of this information, surely someone is up to the task of finding the Streamline Super Juicer. As the great Sherlock Holmes never said to his friend and associate (read that again), “Elementary, my dear Watson.”

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