‘D’ Is for Decanter

‘D’ is for Decanter

A decanter is a vessel used to hold the separation of a liquid which may contain sediment. We most often associate decanters with wine. The process of decanting helps rid the wine of any sediment that collected during the aging process. A decanter normally holds one bottle of wine. Because of its shape, a decanter expands the surface area of the liquid which allows it to interact with air and reach its full flavor. It was not until the Venetians perfected the art of glassblowing during the Renaissance that the use of glass was favored for wines. Decanting became a tradition that saw its height in 18th century England, then spread across the empire and to the colonies and ultimately throughout Europe.

Monty Python

Yes, O’Toole.
Which one is the claret, sir?
The claret is in the decanter.
The wooden thing?
No, no, the glass thing.
Monty Python’s Flying Circus: The Golden Age of Ballooning (1974)

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