WWcD: Find the Bread Trough and Win

Those versed in the culinary arts may have an advantage as browsers search for this week’s WWcD (Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!) oddity. A $10 gift certificate will be awarded to the seeker who finds our antique wooden bread trough, a curious item which goes by other names as well.

According to Wikipedia, a bread trough, bread trencher, dough trough or kneading trough, sometimes referred to as artesa, is a rectangular receptacle with a shallow basin, and a traditional kneading tool used for making dough. The wooden bread trough has been used in Europe for centuries in breadmaking.

A kneading trough – mishereth in Hebrew for it was first used in preparation of the Exodus – is a vessel in which dough, after being mixed and leavened, was left to swell or ferment. The dough in the vessels at the time of The Exodus was still unleavened because the people were compelled to withdraw in haste.

The first citation of kneading-trough in the Oxford English Dictionary is Chaucer, The Miller’s Tale, 1386. Flour was not stored, perhaps for fear of insect infestation, but kneaded into dough and baked into bread without delay.

In colonial America, bread troughs provided a snug, warm place in which bread could rise prior to baking. A good trough was handed down through a family, passing along the memory of Mother and the wealth of experiences that make a kitchen the heart of a home. Each descendant added her own mark to this history written in wood until she, in turn, bequeathed her bread trough to her children.

Wood has always been the preferred choice for bread-making because the heat generated by the yeast is retained in the wood, giving the dough an even rise.

With that knowledge, you are adequately prepared to search our shop at 121 S. Main St. in River Falls for our antique bread trough and win a $10 gift certificate. The search begins Wednesday morning, August 14 when the shop opens and concludes at the close of business on Sunday, August 18 or when someone finds it, whichever occurs first.

To win, you must follow these instructions EXPLICITLY…

  • Find the bread trough in our shop at 121 S. Main St. in River Falls, Wisconsin.
  • Proceed to the front desk and tell the associate on duty,


  • Lead the sales associate to the location to confirm your discovery.

Though Ethan Hunt might tell you differently, this is not an impossible mission. What does he know anyway?

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