Win with Clark Gable

Calling all bibliophiles. If you don’t know what that is, look it up! Hint: a bibliophile loves books. Riverwalk Vintage Market presents another opportunity to win a $10 gift certificate, but you don’t have to be a bibliophile to win, just a curious seeker with an eye for books.

One of the most revered, albeit great books and films of all time is Gone with the Wind. Time magazine ranks it #37 of all the great books it has reviewed since Time’s inception in 1923. As a best-seller, Gone with the Wind ranks 57th on Wikipedia’s list of best-selling individual books of all time. As a point of reference, 10 books – led by the Bible – have sold more than 100 million copies; 28 books have sold between 50 and 100 million copies; Gone with the Wind ranks 19th of the books which have sold between 30 and 50 million copies. That’s a lot of books.

It is the only book written by Margaret Mitchell, a fourth-generation Atlantan on her father’s side who grew up hearing grandiose stories of the Civil War. She was 10 years old before she found out — from some black farmworkers — that the South had actually lost the war. In 1926, a recurring ankle injury got so bad that a doctor ordered her to stay in bed and rest. She quit her job at the newspaper and began writing fiction. She wrote on a Remington typewriter set up on her sewing table. Gone with the Wind was published in 1936 and sold a million copies in its first six months. Ms. Mitchell won the Pulitzer Prize, and three years after its publication, Gone With the Wind (1939) was made into that unforgettable film starring Clark Gable and Vivian Leigh.

The first printing of 10,000 copies contains the original publication date: “Published May 1936”. After the book was chosen as the Book-of-the-Month’s selection for July, publication was delayed until June 30. Fifty thousand [50,000] copies were printed for the Book-of-the-Month Club July selection. Gone with the Wind was officially released to the American public on June 30, 1936.

That, dear reader, is what you are searching for, Gone with the Wind. Riverwalk Vintage Market has a copy of that first 50,000 printed in 1936 for the Book-of-the-Month Club, and it waits patiently for your eagle eye to find it. The hunt is on from the opening bell on Wednesday, August 7 and will conclude at the close of business on Sunday, August 11 or when someone claims the prize, whichever occurs first.

To win, you must follow these instructions EXPLICITLY…

  • Find the copy of Gone with the Wind in our shop at 121 S. Main St. in River Falls, Wisconsin.
  • Proceed to the front desk and tell the associate on duty,


  • If either of you can refrain from fainting, escort the sales associate to the location to confirm your discovery.

As Rhett Butler tells Scarlett O’Hara, “Never pass up new experiences, they enrich the mind.” Well said, Rhett. We feel the same way about this contest! Whether you’ve visited us before or if this is your first time, you will undoubtedly enjoy the experience of searching for Gone with the Wind! Who knows what other treasures you may find?

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