Vintage Vocabulary

As we enter our beautiful River Falls summer, we are introducing an exciting new project to keep our website current, interesting and useful for all who find their way to it. You will note we have added a new tab to the navigation bar, “Vintage Vocabulary.” We will populate “Vintage Vocabulary” with words that describe the world of antique and vintage collectibles to include products that we generally carry in our store. Our ‘definitions’ combine traditional thoughts from dictionaries, Wikipedia and a myriad of other sources.

The collection of words will grow as we add a word each week. The word will define something in our shop, and the posting will include a photo of the item currently on display and will be complemented by a representative image and a media reference from literature, film or music.

We invite you to use the form in the lower left corner to subscribe to the weekly postings to learn about our offerings and how they are a part of the landscape that we and our ancestors weave to create the fabric of our lives.

Bonnie Hintze

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